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Treatments 22nd March 2019
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Therapies, Services and Treatments

Colonic Hydrotherapy
Includes individual Consultation and Treatments.

Nutritional Health
Digestive Health and Consultation Sessions

NES HEALTH - Bespoke Technology.
MI HEALTH Body work and Massage Therapy
Includes bio-resonance and feedback, meridian work and deep tissue, remedial and relaxing heat treatments.

Infrared, full-body therapy.
As explained on our intro page we use an utterly bespoke combination of consultation work, innovative, break-through technology for diagnosis and monitoring facts and ultimately either hands on treatment, with lifestyle advice and also cellular / supplemental support via the Infocuetical range and vitamins. Thus this holistic care, addressing lifestyle and employing hands on body therapy, heat treatments and remedies assists the body into positive change and long-term healing.


Colonic Hydrotherapy Initial consultation with treatment is 78.00, this session last approx just over the hour. Follow up treatments are 68.00 and sessions last approx 1 hour. Full nutritional counselling / guidance is provided alongside all treatments.

All the A-Z Health therapies, service and treatment help provide cleansing, detoxification and rehabilitation in order to repair and renew. To help optimise our health we need to support entire metabolism and certainly address digestive health factors.

For Colon Hydrotherapy we suggest between 2-3 sessions over three months. We always cover personal health and nutrition factors and usually treatments feel more gentle and relaxing as time progresses.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a supportive therapy for all kinds of health needs, particularly sought for those suffering from distressing digestive problems whether acute or chronic. Through the irrigation of the colon toxins and waste plague or build up are gently loosened and removed from the body. Clients are in the expert hands of a practitioner at all times during the deep, gentle and insightful treatment.

The Colon - Anatomically The colon is approx 6ft in length and its role is to digest and eliminate metabolic and cellular waste, support the Immune system and remove harmful toxins. For further info visit Colonic-Association for Colonic Hydrotherapists registers. ARCH is the official U.K association for Colon Hydrotherapy and holds information on the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy, a National Registry of Practitioner, FAQ and much, much more. A to Z Health is a member of these and other Professional overseeing organisations.


Nutritional Health Initial consultation sessions vary from 1.5 hours to 1 hour depending on clients needs. Follow ups are usually only 30 minutes and are 28.00 You will be provided with written guidance and handouts. The 1.5 hour session is 70.00 or 60.00 for 1 hour. Concessions for OAP's.

Nutritional guidance is essential for improving any health condition at any stage in a person’s life. Whether complementary to other health treatments or for direct treatment inacute or chronic health problems 'Nutritional Health Consultations' are an absolutely vital tool. Even when you think "you eat healthily" or think you "know what you should be doing" until you experiencing the support of a qualified Nutritionist, you often will not take the steps you need to take or gain the results you want. At A to Z Health help is at hand to enable you to understand your body better, and make better decisions within a daily context about the complex subject of nutrition and YOUR body.

A to Z Health's qualified Nutritionist Claire Harris knows how to work with clients to improve health and maintain daily perspective. Claire listens specifically to individual needs and shares a wealth of experience and knowledge that you can use throughout your life on a daily basis and be free from any 'Faddy'


NES HEALTH, Bio-resonance technology, INFRARED LIGHT THERAPYand MI HEALTH for health, wellbeing and hands on body work. See

Massage Therapy Initial treatment is preferably 1 full hour with follow ups either 45 minutes or 30 minutes. 1 hour is 50.00, 45 minutes is 40.00, 30 minutes is 30.00 Concessions are available for OAP's or group bookings.

A to Z Health offer rehabilitation and healing for the body in the form of hands on healing therapies. Treatments cover a range of Massage therapies and referrals can be made to the clinics other specialist; Chiropractors, Physiotherapist and specialist Sports Masseuse. Treatments are provided to improve all kinds of stress related conditions, from pains and repetitive strains through work, sports, or recreational injuries. Massage is essential in breaking down bodily stress and muscular tension that all too easily accumulates. Massage assists the body to heal naturally. Deep Tissue, Soft Tissue and Relaxation Massage techniques are all incorporated within a typical 1 hour Massage treatment.

Infrared Treatment
A to Z Healthoffers this treatment combined with 'Deep Tissue' or 'Relaxation' massage. Treatments length varies and prices are determined based on client's preferences. Please call A to Z Health for further details.

Holistic Support: A TO Z Health works with other Complementary Therapist including Chiropractors, Physiotherapist/Acupuncturist, Sports Masseuse and Autogenic Practitioner. Also with Therapists at The Beauty Retreat, Old Portsmouth and Inner Spirit Holistic Centre, Clanfield. We have a wide range of resources and are happy to offer advice in any health or therapeutic matter.

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