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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Q: When should somebody consider Colonics?

A: If you suffer from digestive problems or are interested in cleansing and improving your digestive system then this treatment is ideal. Colonic Irrigation helps the body release toxins and reduces fluid retention and bloating. Colonic Irrigation is helpful to anybody with an interest in improving their health both immediately as a ‘kick start’ and for long-term health issues.

Q: What do you do to prepare for a Colonic Hydrotherapy session?
It is ideal to drink plenty of water a few days before. Avoid red meats, alcohol, processed or overly heavy/rich foods. You should leave 2 hours space between eating and you’re colonic. Clients are fine to work as normal and to eat normally with the above advice followed.

Q: How many Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions are ideal?
A: Between 4 and 6 are usually recommended, 6 is ideal to detox the body appropriately and release toxins stored within the colon and bodily tissue. A gap of 1 to 4 weeks between treatments is normal depending how quickly clients want to move through the program. In cases of Constipation, and sluggish bowels rehabilitating the colon muscles and nerve fibres can take a little longer (6 to 8 sessions) and with gaps of no longer than 2 weeks. The Liver, Colon, Bowel, Skin, Lungs and reproductive organs are all areas of elimination and need support in their daily detoxing if we want to feel good and prevent health problems.

Q:Does Colonic Hydrotherapy feel uncomfortable?
Often client do not experience any discomfort. Every client will experience the sensation of going to the toilet as the water triggers muscular activity. As the water created muscle release gas and stool are eliminated. These sensations happen regularly throughout the treatment approx 45-50mins. If a client is very bloated and has a lot of trapped gas they may well experience cramping and some abdominal pains that are of an acute nature. Often people get goose bumps and might feel like they have diarrhoea momentarily. Literally every Client I have ever seen Says its "not half as bad as they thought it was going to be".



"Claire's massage is very deep and does hurt if I have particular knot and tight tissue but it doesn't take long for that to ease and for me to feel much better. There is a nice balance of relaxing within each treatment and I do love my head being done".TK

"Q:Will Massage help a chronic back problem, even if it is a really old injury?
Yes certainly. Massage is hands on healing, a soon as the muscles in the back are relieved of muscular tension, through gentle pressure and movements, then the clients pain can be released and the healing can take place.

Q:Will Massage just be relaxing? Or will it hurt?
Massage can be extremely relaxing but if Clients have a lot of muscular tension then it can feel very painful in spots. Deep tissue massage is necessary when areas of the body are tight and painful, the pressure is deep and will be felt but with time this really easies. During a treatment there will be a mix or relaxation and deep tissue work. Within the first weeks treatment a significant difference in levels of pain and movement is experience by clients. Individuals feel much more comfortable and more flexible.

Q:Do I have to have lots Massage treatment to see results?
Chronic back problems will require a number of treatment usually with a weekly then fortnightly gap between (approx 4 treatments) until the muscular tension has been more deeply released, then a maintenance treatment every month or three months is suggested.

Q:Will I get professional advice for aftercare and maintenance treatments?
Always that is of major importance to us at A to Z Health. All clients are treated as individuals and shown and explained any supportive measureS and 'self care' techniques.


Nutritional Health

I thought I knew all the healthy nutrition stuff, 'eating healthily' I considered I did all the right things, but I did still suffer lots of bloating and constipation, so I booked in for a Nutritional Consultation” JD

"Q:What sort of Nutritional Advice is given during a Consultation?
The advice will be comprehensive yet simple and easy to apply. Specific supplements may be recommended but never as heavy cocktail of supplement. The immune system is always addressed and natural nutrition is at the heart of our nutritional advice. Individual’s case history is taken and special attention to personal needs and objectives are always integrated.

Q:If you think you eat healthy already why would you benefit from aNutritional Consultation?
Nutrition has become a vast subject with nature and science at the heart, with many levels of learning for any individual. It is a really beneficial subject to gain professional advice, most nutritionists have a wealth of knowledge at their finger tips and they want to share it with you. Applying professional advice really can bring tremendous benefits both short and long-term.

Q:Is the Nutritional Consultation unbiased or is it from a certain school of thought ?
We are not selling anything at A to Z Health and all our advice is based on Science, nature and natural principles. Healing and cleansing balanced with nutritional needs and supportive measures."


Thermal Therapeutics - 'Body Cocoon' for muscular tension, healing and detoxification

"The Body Cocoon treatments are truly holistic and innovative treatment, I suffer from stiff joint and tight muscles plus I wanted to lose a few inches and detox! No where is doing treatments quite like these, It is a truly healing experience." CH

Q: How does it work?
A: The thermal blanket allows the body to naturally warm up and as a result elminative processes begin to work and cellular metabolism increases.

Q: Is it messy?
Well you will need to remove your clothes as clients will be massaged with the medicinal oils then you stay in the Thermal blanket for a minum of 20mins. It is blissfully relaxing yet stimulates the body and promotes healing. You will sweat and might wish to bring another change of underwear! The treatment helps muscular tension, body elimination, circulation, metabolism and greatly stimulates oxygen levels in the tissue for repair and healing.

Q: How long are treatments?
These treatments can be combined with Deep tissue Massage, Hands on Healing and relaxation or as a 'Luxery Retreat' session. Treatment times are usually between 1 and 2 hours but. The Luxery treatments can last 2 to 2.5hours

Q: Why have a Thermal Therapeutic treatment?
The treatment stimulates detoxification and can provide weightloss or they can be used to significantly reduce muscular tension and promote total body relaxation. The Medicinal oil that A to Z Health use is directly for healing muscular adhesions, we also use it to help support the Liver and vital organs, in particular the addominal and reproductive organs. Muscles and connective tissue are warmed and nourished by the oil massage and detoxification and relaxation take place with the Infrared sauna .


Hopi Ear Candling visit www.beeswaxearcandles.com
The Arvigo Technique(Abdominal Massage) visit www.arvigotechnique.com

Please contact the clinic if you have any other concerns or questions about any of the treatments offered at A to Z Health. Thank you.

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